General FAQ

Our Printing Capabilities

Silk-screen: Lays a heavy coating of ink for more vivid color to stand up against UV exposure. Ideal for larger signs and decals. Recommended for most materials (Vinyl, Polyester, Reflective, Paper Boards and Corrugated Boards.)

Digital Printing: Provides FINN-Line with the means to give superb FULL COLOR production in a short time at a minimal cost, while also providing the opportunity for personalization. Recommended for most materials.

Offset (Lithography): Provides FINN-Line promoters with fine line, detailed reproduction for inside window and indoor applications. Ideal for multi-color process on a wide selection of materials. Consult with your INNOVATIVE professional, a free phone call away.

Thermal Printing: Bar Coding and consecutive Numbering.

How To Use Pricing Grids
Standard Order Requirements

• Purchase orders can be received by mail, fax, e-mail, SAGE, ESP Transact or Distributor Central

• Quantity, adhering to quantities listed (if applicable)

• Stock number and material (when applicable)

• Clear, clean copy and/or factory-approved artwork

• For repeat orders, please provide your previous PO# and date to ensure exact duplication. ALL files (paper, film, copy, dies, etc.) are eliminated every 3 years. Repeat orders after that time are considered a new order.

• Additions to your standard order must be clearly noted (ie. Changes in Copy, Color, Special or Matched Colors, Special Shapes, Clear Coating or Lamination, Special Packaging, etc.). Most of these additions are priced or noted at the bottom of each page of our catalog. Consecutive numbering is available on nearly any FINN-Line standard product.

Custom Orders

 If an existing product does not cover the scope of your project, you may want to go custom! Custom items are priced similarly to standard items, by square inch. There is never a set up fee, and the first proof is always free! Custom quotes can be requested via mail, fax, phone, or email.

Measuring a Custom Order

Standard Colors
I Want A Proof!

Have a PO?

First proof will be emailed in color, free of charge, if requested. Color paper proofs can be mailed and black and white proofs can be faxed at no charge.

No PO?

While we cannot guarantee a proof without an order, we may be able to work with you on this. Contact our service department for more information.

Store Credit

Once a store credit is issued to your account, it will automatically be applied when you place an order. There is no additional steps to redeem the store credit.

Self Promo

We offer a self promo discount for suppliers!

10% off standard products and catalog quantities only. For custom sizes, thicknesses, or colors, contact us for a quote. Other exclusions may apply. Contact us for more details.

We offer a self promo discount for suppliers!10% off standard products and catalog quantities only. For custom sizes, thicknesses, or colors, contact us for a quote. Other exclusions may apply. Contact us for more details.

We offer a self promo discount for suppliers!

10% off standard products and catalog quantities only. For custom sizes, thicknesses, or colors, contact us for a quote. Other exclusions may apply. Contact us for more details.

Aim Pricing

As of August 1st 2019, Finn Graphics is no longer a part of the AIM program. We will continue to support current and former AIM members through a new program being offered. Contact us for details on discounts pertaining to AIM members.

Special Packaging

We are willing to go above and beyond to meet particular shipping preferences and needs. For additional shipping and packaging answers, contact us!

  • A clear polypropylene material is wrapped then shrunk using heat to create a tight seal around the product
  • Combine quantities, shapes, or different items
  • Stabilizes, bundles, and protects products
  • Ideal for bumper stickers, decals, plastic cards, magnets, and more.
  • Products are placed in a clear polyethylene bag using a heat seal closure
  • Combine smaller quantities of different products to provide unique presentation
  • Can accommodate 1-100 pieces per bag, collating upon request.
  • Ideal for bumper stickers, decals, plastic cards, magnets, and more.
  • Custom bagging available.
Specific or Exact Quantity Shipping
  • Products are placed in multiple cartons and then placed into a master carton for shipping
  • Cartons are labeled or marked upon request only
Banding or Bundling
  • Clear film band or rubber band bundle together specific quantities or shapes
  • Clear banding available for products up to 6″ wide
  • Available in quantities from 50 to 250 pieces


Orders received before June 1st for items with stock calendars will receive current year calendar unless otherwise specified. Orders received June 1st or after will receive the following year’s calendar unless otherwise specified. Please specify requested year on order. Orders received before May 1st are eligible for an early order discount. Eligibility for early order discount ends on April 30.

Orders cancelled for reasons beyond out control will be billed for all work completed, to include cost of order on entry. A minimum charge of $18.00 will be applied to any cancelled order that has been proofed. Orders may not be returned without permission; an adjustment request will be reviewed with the return of a sample (not the order in its entirety). An order judges incorrect will be replaced at no charge or a credit will be issued against the original order – the defective order must be returned in full to receive a credit. Flags, numbers, and letters returned undamaged will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Catalog Illustrations
Logos, images, and other imprints shown in our catalog are for illustrative purposes only. They do not imply we endorse specific items. Any items with specific logos are not for sale to anyone other than the parties authorized.

Color Matching
If a PMS color is specified or a color sample matched, add $35.00 (g). No guarantee of perfect matches.

Political Statutes
State and federal laws vary with regard to notices which must be printed and identification of those responsible for purchasing, publishing, or distributing political advertising. Be sure the correct copy to meet these requirements is submitted.

Negative Films & Dies
Proprietary items furnished by Finn Line Graphics remain the property of Finn Line Graphics.

Our terms for regular accounts are net 30 days. New accounts are required to complete a Distributor Application for review with the first order. Those accounts, confirmed through our Credit & Market Report, will be assigned a credit limit. Other accounts will be required to prepay their first order with a check or credit .2% Service Fee added for credit card changes.

Repeat Orders
Identify repeat orders with the previous order number and year it was produced. Orders are retained on file for three years.

White Backing on Clear
When pricing on clear material, we recommend backing the imprint with white for clearer visibility and legibility. There are three options to accomplish this: a halo or stroke around the image area, slightly inside the image, or a white background.

Ordering & Billing
Minimum billing on any invoice is $50.00 (x). Minimum charge of $18.00 will be applied to any cancelled order that has been proofed. We will acknowledge all orders however phone orders are not accepted. We require written order confirmation via fax, email, or mail. For proof samples, all appropriate art and production charges will be billed. Set up charges are not applied if an order is received without charges within 10 working days of receipt of proof.

Over/Under Runs
Printing is subject to over and under runs up to 5%. Charges will only reflect the quantity in which we ship.

Proofs will be furnished upon request. No charge for the first proof per order. Color paper proofs can be sent via USPS. Additional proofs $18.00 (x) per proof. Full color proofs will be emailed. Alterations to a proof completed correctly per specifications provided to us will require a re-proof charge of $22.50 (g).

Production Time
Production time begins after receipt of complete order including art, in-catalog quantities, or after a proof approval. Non-imprinted item production time is 48 hours after receipt of order. Standard imprint items require 5 to 12 working days after receipt of order or proof approval. Calendars require special shipping schedule that can be arranged with a Customer Service Representative. Custom products requiring added quantities, colors, die cut and/or special extras may extend past our normal production times.

Samples are available upon request at no charge. Samples can be requested by contacting a Customer Service Representative or filling out our online request form.

Mode of shipment: Unless otherwise specified, we will ship by the best method suitable. UPS is our standard shipping method within the continental US. Shipping and handling charges will be added to all orders. There is no additional charge to ship via your UPS or FedEx account number.

Split Shipments: (two or more shipments on the same day, same PO) add $7.00 (x) handling for each additional destination. For items over 23″ x 32″ add $12.00 (x) for each.

Rush Shipments: can be accommodated at no additional charge – permitted scheduling allows. If schedules are booked, accommodations can be made with charged production overtime.

Professional Extras

Order Considerations
What is the advertiser trying to accomplish? Quantity? Materials? Colors? (Will there be color matching, digital, process or spot?) What artwork will be provided? Is it high enough quality to use? Final size or sizes? What shape? Printed one side or both sides? Round corners or square cut? Consecutive numbering? Additions such as over lamination, packaging, pens, binding, adhesive tabs etc.

Consecutive Numbering
Numbering sequence will begin with 001 unless otherwise specified. Consecutive numbering and Alphanumeric Consecutive numbering are available on parking permits, hang tags, and many other items.

Double consecutive numbering is also available.

Note, pricing does not guarantee no skips or misses. Changes in sequence, color, and/or copy requires an additional charge fee of $32.50 (g).

Consecutive Bar Coding
Consecutive bar coding is available on many items such as loyalty cards, hang tags, and many others. Priced as extra numbering.

Variable Data
Variable data is available for personalization of products. Spreadsheets must be supplied in .xls (Excel) format. Content provided in a single column spreadsheet. For the use of images, please contact your Personal Account Manager.

A face slit is a cut or slit in the face material to create multiple part labels. This process creates two labels from a single label.

Tabbed Die Cut Decals
Add a tab to a decal to customize it. This can be used in conjunction with a hole punch for retail display purposed and/or coupon decals. Designed for retail or point of purchase displays.

Multiple Decals
Vinyl, static, or polyester sheets can hold an assortment of peel off decals. These kiss-cut decal sheets can be used for many purposes.

For examples, here is a flyer we’ve created for this very purpose.

Bar codes, part numbers, and ID numbers can be added for labels. This process is a great option for point of purchase sales and inventory control.

Die Cutting
Special shapes (other than square or rectangle) require a one-time die charge of $140.00 (g) up to 100 sq inches in simple shapes. Larger sizes and/or more detailed shapes are available with a custom quote. No charge is applied for circle shapes 1/2″ up to 8″.

Round Corners
Add round corners for a clean, finished appearance. Add a charge of $33.00 (g) per 1000 pieces (min).

Perforation is available on elected materials with added extra color charge.

Over Lamination
Highlight and protect your imprint with over lamination. Crystal and matte finished available for an additional charge.

Clear Coating
A liquid over coating that will provide protection. Clear and matte finish available.

Write On/Wipe Off
A laminated surface adds the ability for smooth writing and erasing on top of a product with specific writing utensils. Spot clear/matte available to enhance images.

Write On/Wipe Off Board Accessories:

Artwork / Color Guidelines

Among our standard capabilities, Finn-Line has the ability to bring even the most custom orders to life. Our custom range includes diecut shapes, round corners, perforation, over lamination, write-on/wipe-off surfaces, note grabber surfaces, clear coating, consecutive numbering/variable data, special packaging, and so much more! Contact us for a quote!

Art Templates
Templates are available under many products on our website. Templates ideally illustrate correct bleed and margin size – 1/8″ bleed past cut line, and 1/8″ copy margin inside cut line is required.

Bleed: Ink extended past final size to allow for full background coverage. Standard allowance 1/8″ beyond trim.

Trim: Final cut of product (trim line does not print.)

Safe Zone: All content must be inside safe zone. This zone will vary in size based on products. Minimum is a 1/8″ span.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please request a template from your Customer Service Representative.

File Formats


Adobe Illustrator | Export files as EPS, AI, OR PDF


Adobe InDesign | Export files as EPS or PDF

Adobe Photoshop | Export files as PDF or PSD

Please note files must contain: vector art, or high resolution (300dpi+) images at finished imprint size. PDF is the preferred file format that enables art files to process efficiently.

Submitting Artwork

Artwork can be submitted via:

Email: 7mb file size limit (if over this limit, use .zip or .sit compression)

FTP: Via your service email location

Web: Through our contact page, attach your art file with reference to the order it’s for


Outlined fonts are preferred. If this is not possible, send fonts with files.

Vector Art

This is our preferred format for all artwork. Vector art is resolution independent. It can be enlarged without compromising image quality.

Raster Art

Raster art is resolution dependent. It cannot be enlarged without compromising the image quality. TIFFs are used with spot color or full color artwork. Standard for printing is 300dpi on the final print size.

Art should be CMYK for full color artwork. Submitting art in RGB may cause color conversion when set to print.

Text or copy is not suitable as raster data.

Four color process printing must include all necessary bleeds (.125”).

Note: provided artwork can be altered and/or edited by our art department at a per hour charge of $75.00 (g). Call for an art estimate.

Vector Vs Raster

Vector artwork is an image consisting of points and paths. The artwork is scalable while retaining image quality and CAN be edited in terms of size, gradients, and spot colors.

Raster artwork is a flattened image consisting of pixels. The artwork is not scalable and cannot be edited.

Standard Color & PMS Colors

Colors not on the color grid are considered color match or custom color requiring a mixing charge of $35.00 (g) per color.

Standard Color & PMS Color Guide: