CUSTOM Projects.

You imagine it. We print it.

Don’t let standard products stunt your creativity. We offer an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit anyone’s promotional needs. You pick a shape, quantity, material, color, imprint, and all the finishing touches!


CUSTOM  defines anything that doesn’t fit into a predefined category or standard product. We can customize a standard product, or produce something totally your own! With custom, the opportunities are endless! We are here to help you from early planning to shipping; start to finish!

Square Cut  is always a cost-efficient, effective option for many promotional needs. We offer custom square cuts in any size.

Die Cut Circles  are available in 1” increments, ranging from 1″ to 12″ inches. Smaller or larger available with quote.

Standard  products provide many tried and true promotional choices for ultimate convenience. Check them out now in our Shop.

Custom Order Information

  • If an existing product does not cover the scope of your project, you may want to go custom!
  • There is never a set up fee, and the first proof is always free!
  • Most custom orders require a custom quote. Custom quotes can be requested via mail, fax, phone, or email.
  • Custom items are priced similar to standard items, with extra considerations.
  • For more information or guidance on how to best fulfill your project’s needs, a customer service representative can be reached via phone, fax, email, or our website.


  • Cut size and pricing for custom products is done by square inches.
  • Square inches are determined by measuring the furthest point of the height multiplied by width.
custom measurement chart