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Kwik-Stik(R) 34MIL Dio Cut Magnet
Kwik-Stik(R) Full Color Coasters
Kwik-Stik(R) Full Color Wall Graphics
Kwik-Stik(R) Full Color Table Graphics
Kwik-Stik(R) Full Color Floor Graphics
Kwik-Stik(R) Full Color Custom Outdoor Vinyl Decals

(White, Yellow & Frosty Clear)

Kwik-Stik(R) Custom Static Ching Window Decals

(two-sided imprint)

Kwik-Stik(R) Custom Static Ching Window Decals

(one side imprint)


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FINN-Line is a proven name in the selection of effective promotional products. FINN-Line was founded in 1940 by two entrepreneurs … John Finn and Joe Jaske. Now celebrating seventy five years in this business, we are proud to say that FINN-Line is still owned and operated by family. While our company was originally run as a printing job shop, these entrepreneurs were quick to recognize the opportunities waiting in the Advertising Specialty Industry. A market, now known as Promotional Products International, is one of the most effective advertising media of our day. FINN-Line’s first product introduced to the industry was the “original” twelve month padded calendar in a utility size with an adhesive back. We thought ahead enough to make the back adhesive removable, so as to not harm the surface to which it was attached.

This “original” calendar grew into a diverse line of adhesive backed utility calendars like the Mini-Cals, Maxi-Cals, Year-At-A-Glance, Computer styles and a Vinyl background with an exquisite texture to enhance the color, multi-colors or four color process imprints. Growth into other types of promotional vehicles like Decals, Magnets and Plastics suggested we take all the lines under one line name “FINN-Line”. Portions of our line are still known as Kwik-Stik® products. When reviewing these promotional advertising billboards, note the imagination and creative quality. These are the ingredients necessary to effectively get an advertising message to a targeted audience and keep in front of that audience for an extended period of time. FINN-Line maintains that we are your partner (the distributor & advertiser) in assuring a successful promotion. Our goal has always been to be the best and most effective partner you can have.


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